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Didgeman - didgeridoo music



  • I have recently retired from mainstream work.
  • I will continue to teach the occasional lesson.
  • I will make just a few nice didgeridoos.
  • I will repair your broken didge.
  • Other than that I am going fishing!!

  • The team at DIDGERIDOO AUSTRALIA have taken over all the other work I used to do so if you want didgeridoo, culture, welcome to country etc. at your school, kindergarten or event, contact Henning or Ganga.

  • Henning: 0402 500 475
    Ganga: 0402 265 566

  • I have really enjoyed my life as Didgeman over the last 13 years but it is now time to move on.


  • I have finally got my act together and recorded some tutorials for you.

  • Circular Breathing De-Mystified, 11 Rhythms To Practice and Diaphragmatic style.

  • Have a look!
FOR ALL THINGS DIDGERIDOO - Maker, Teacher, Performer

  • Get yourself a guaranteed, professional quality musical instrument, a real didgeridoo not just a souvenir.

  • Learn to play in only six lessons - guaranteed!

  • Introduce the only true Australian musical instrument, the didgeridoo, into your school curriculum.

  • Based in Yarra Junction, near Melbourne, Vic, Australia, we teach privately nearby, stage workshops and performances across Victoria and send our products around the world.

  • Contact Didgeman now for prompt assistance
Learn all about didgeridoo

  • With the assistance of Didgeman, you can explore many facets of didgeridoo.
    History, culture, tradition, woodwork, art, science, geography and how to play.

  • Didgeridoo tuition options
Choosing your didgeridoo

  • Didgeman builds cheap, practical PVC didgeridoos for the beginner player.

  • Didgeman has a range of beautiful, hand-crafted didgeridoos from which you can choose.

  • Didgeman provides you with the option of choosing a raw log and having a didgeridoo custom made for you.

  • How to select the right didgeridoo for you
Purchase a Didgeman didgeridoo

Didge Au Naturel

  • Here's my brother Steve, suitably dressed in a mud suit, on the banks of the mighty Murray River, playing up a storm!!!

Didgeman is proudly 100% Australian owned and operated